True Fitness

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The True Fitness philosophy is this,

True fitness is not built around any particular program or system, but more of a journey. That journey is understanding one’s own physical makeup and identifying the fitness offerings out there that best meet those objectives. When we understand this concept we can custom tailor our exercise and nutrition specific to our needs. This takes hard work and time.

Hard work in the sense that you must do the necessary things to understand your body, how it works, what it needs and when it needs it. How do you do this? You do this by action and measurement. An often quoted statement by Peter Drucker, the well known thought leader in management states, “What gets measured gets improved.” To have true fitness you must be able to know where you are at, and you must be truthful to yourself when you do this. True Fitness identifies three core areas where work and time needs to be executed and measured in an honest, authentic and truthful way. They are exercise, that is a consistent, habitual regimen of physical activity.