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Many people when they think about health would say that fitness should fall under that umbrella.

 There is some truth to that. For the sake of True Fitness, I wanted to place it in a place all to it’s own. What I’m about to say to you will ultimately encompass both the standard understand of health and how I uniquely see it. Health is really the full embodiment of every
element of the body. For it to be fully realized you must be able to see the body and its intersection to both the body and the soul. Congruency in these aspects of you is what is health. When the connection to these three aspect of the True You are strong. When there is good, unimpeded, bidirectional flow between them this is optimal health. Let me explain.
We have touched on the physical when talking about exercise and nutrition but the truth is that our physical bodies do not operate in a vacuum and out cognitive and spiritual intersections with our bodies must be strong and healthy. Let me tell a story about my beautiful mother.

All my life my mother has been a health conscious person. This stems from my grandmotherGrandmaStubbjpg. who was always conscious of her health. She passed this down to all of us. I can remember my mother doing Jane Fonda exercises as a young man. We ate healthy all my life. In 2014 my mother suffered a major heart attack. Her heart now currently functions at 25% despite an religious adherence to exercise and nutrition. Here is the thing. My mother is a worrier. She borderline OCD about her surroundings and stresses about it, in my humble opinion. Despite good stewardship of her body the strain she put on it from stressing out put unnecessary pressures on her physical health. My point is they are all interconnected. You must ensure that you are health in all in order to be health in any.